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Patented Designs. Perfect Displays

About Us

From a simple desire to preserve the fond memories of the Pinewood Derby® a father and son shared each year, DerbyGurus® was born.


Whether or not they win, every Pinewood Derby car is a unique treasure worthy of showcasing.

But .....

How to design a compact, attractive display able to hold up to five cars, wall mount or stand upright, plus creatively fit it into the Cub Scouting or similar youth program for others to enjoy?

After a year of tinkering around the workshop, the answer was the Grand Standthe ONLY adjustable and reversible Pinewood Derby multi-car display system - ever.  Now with three patents, our products are officially perfect.

If you are looking to display pine cars and trophies in a compact and attractive way, plus add cars each year, the Grand Stand is for you.   And if you prefer to just assemble and use right away, rather than sand and finish the Unfinished Kit first, DerbyGurus® offers a beautiful Prefinished model to make your life even easier.  Whatever version you select, we know you will love the Grand Stand.  

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Proudly made in the USA since 2012!

U.S. Patent Nos. 10085572B2, 9629482B1 & D714081

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